Who We Are

At Transcriptic, our mission is to turn biology into an information technology, driven by data, computation, and high-throughput robotics with the goal of substantially advancing drug discovery. Our team brings together deep expertise in biology, automation, and software engineering to set new standards for the way research is done.

Leadership Team

Transcriptic's experienced and diverse leadership team deeply believe in the core mission to turn biology into an information technology. Together they form a highly efficient team spanning biology, automation, and software engineering that guide the fantastic team of people that is Transcriptic.


Max Hodak

Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Max Hodak is the founder and Chief Technical Officer of Transcriptic. Max was inspired to form the company after working as a research assistant at Duke University Medical Center, where he built brain-machine interfaces for monkeys. As a member of the lab, he witnessed on a regular basis the inefficiencies of basic laboratory work that he felt were ripe for robotic optimization. Prior to founding Trancriptic, he was Chief Technology Officer for Inporia, where he designed software to track near-real-time price changes on e-commerce websites. He was also co-founder and CEO of MyFit, a company that designed software to forecast the likelihood of college acceptances for high school students. That company was sold to Naviance in October 2010. Max received the White House Champion of Change Award from the U.S. White House in 2013 for being a “crowdfunding pioneer” since Transcriptic was the first company to raise a seed investment round online from a crowdsourced group of angel investors. In 2015, he was named to the Forbes “30 Under 30” List in healthcare. Max received a BSE in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University.


Yvonne Linney, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Yvonne Linney has more than 25 years’ experience as an executive at industry-leading companies in the life sciences and diagnostics industries, joining Transcriptic in 2015 as Chief Operating Officer. Previously, she was an executive at Agilent Technologies, beginning as Vice President and General Manager for the Genomics Business and becoming Vice President and General Manager of the Life Science Solutions Division, composed of the LC/MS, automation, and nucleic acid synthesis businesses. Prior to joining Agilent in 2006, Yvonne held positions as Director of Molecular Diagnostics and Global Strategic Marketing at Siemens Healthcare (now part of Bayer Diagnostics) and Senior Director, Marketing and Product Management at Caliper Life Sciences. From 1993-2003, she was a key member of the senior leadership team at Amersham International (now GE Healthcare), which included collaborating with the founding members of the Human Genome Project. Yvonne holds a BS in Microbiology and Virology from Warwick University, UK, and a PhD in Genetics from Leicester University, UK.


Jimmy Sastra, PhD

Vice President, Automation

As an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania more than a decade ago, Jimmy Sastra worked in a traumatic brain injury lab where he learned that wet lab biology requires lots of tedious human labor and could greatly benefit from automation. This experience prompted him to get a PhD at the Penn Modlab, where he built modular robots. He then worked at Willow Garage, where Jimmy designed different body parts for a humanoid robot. He joined Transcriptic from the Open Source Robotics Foundation, where he worked in mechanical engineering.


Evan Worley

Vice President, Software Engineering

Evan Worley has more than a decade of senior-level engineering experience. Prior to joining Transcriptic as VP of Software Engineering, Evan was Director of Engineering at DNAnexus, a pioneer in cloud-based genomic analysis software services. Prior to that, Evan worked for Intuit as a Senior Software Engineer focused on next-generation computation and modeling systems for the consumer tax division. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego.


Ben Miles, PhD

Product Manager

Ben Miles, Ph.D is a chemical biologist and product manager who has been working with Transcriptic since 2016. As product manager and a former customer of Transcriptic Ben works closely with our users and our internal team to ensure Transcriptic builds value for everyone of our users. As a scientist Ben is able to work closely with our users to understand their research requirements and synthesize those into the Transcriptic platform. Prior to Transcriptic Ben worked in growth for the cloud-based electronic medical record company, Dentally, based in London, UK. Ben received a Ph.D and Master of Research in chemical biology from Imperial College London and also holds a B.Sc in Nanotechnology from the University of Leeds.


Yin He, PhD

Head of Scientific Operations

Yin He is Head of Scientific Operations and joined Transcriptic in June 2013 as the 2nd scientist. She holds a BS in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Virginia and a PhD in Molecular Biology, Genetics and Genomics from Cornell University. At Cornell, Yin’s thesis focused on protein folding pathways and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress in the context of metabolic disorders, resulting in 8 peer-reviewed publications in high-impact journals such as Cell Metabolism and Molecular Cell.