Transcriptic is a very small company. We like it that way. Our work culture is such that you can do your best work supported by a group of your peers. Everyone sets their own goals, and everyone is empowered to think creatively.

We work hard and we focus, but we don’t do all-nighters or heroic pushes. Grinding yourself into the ground is a fast way to introduce bugs. Life science demands precision; we take our time and we get it right. We use commercial-off-the-shelf solutions when they’re available, and we aren’t afraid to open them up to get to more exacting standards—and if we can’t find it, we build it. We’re completely devoted to solving Transcriptic’s challenges as cleverly as possible to build solid, reliable, intelligent solutions.


Our Menlo Park headquarters feature 20-foot ceilings and comfortable natural light, and houses all of our Workcells as well as an open plan work environment to encourage open communication and collaboration.


We offer top-tier medical, dental, and vision coverage. We have liberal vacation policies and offer many other benefits including Caltrain passes and gym memberships.


Our offices are filled with large desks and ergonomic chairs. As for your equipment and tools – you tell us! Employees get a generous budget to purchase a setup of their choosing, including a new laptop and monitor.


We get fresh bagels and lunch brought in daily, and dinner if you choose to stick around. Our shelves are stocked with various snacks (fresh, healthy and otherwise), and we brew coffee and tea all day long. Not a caffeine fiend? Not to worry, we have a variety of juices and sparkling waters to choose from as well. And we celebrate each employee’s birthday with enough cake for everyone.


The whole team gets together weekly to celebrate company wins, share updates, welcome new hires, and host guest speakers from time to time. Everyone is encouraged to do show-and-tell’s with the whole team.