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Discovery Biology On Demand

Outsourced research for the modern drug company

The old ways of working with CROs to generate mission critical data weren’t designed for modern drug discovery teams. The Transcriptic robotic cloud lab is powered by on demand lab automation, available via the cloud, to help you generate the data you need, quickly and reliably.

scale on demand

Assay 1 or 2 plates on Monday and scale 10X by Friday, all on the same cloud infrastructure, available on demand.

reproducible data

Forget about tuning and maintaining your automation and instrumentation. Transcriptic regularly maintains infrastructure to ensure reliable performance you can trust.

no hassle

Avoid the back and forth emails and spreadsheets of CRO specifications. Transcriptic provides clear experimental specification and monitoring through our web application.


Get going quickly with ready to go assays in our three categories, or work with Transcriptic to have your custom assay made available at the click of a button.

Biomarker Assays

Easy to use protein and nucleic acid quantitation for in vivo workup or in vitro characterization.

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Cell Based Assays

Probe phenotypic responses with precise perturbation and high-throughput reliable readouts.

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Biochemical Assays

In depth biomolecular characterization with a suite of in vitro assays.

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Make your own assay available on demand

Get up and running with a custom assay on Transcriptic's robotic cloud lab in days rather than months. Rapidly apply automation to old and new challenges alike.

Partner Assay Implementation

Getting your assay running on Transcriptic's robotic cloud lab couldn't be easier. Our highly experienced implementation team will work with you to translate your protocol into code that runs on our cloud lab. Once you're happy with the performance, you can run the assay as much as you need to, whenever you need to.

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From samples to data, fast

Our webapp lets you ship your samples, configure your experiments, and access your data whenever you need to.

Send Your Samples

Material exchange is managed through our simple and easy to use web application so precious samples don't get lost in transit. Learn more about our intake process.

Run your assays

Provide a few experimental parameters, click launch and wait for your data to pour in.

Analyze your data

Access raw and processed datasets at any time. Data can be downloaded or programmatically fetched via our REST API.

Made Possible With The Transcriptic Robotic Cloud Lab

The power of Transcriptic comes from our bank of robotic workcells, ready to spin up at the push of a button to generate datasets when you need them, and only when you need them.


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We've been able to build out our capabilities and expand what we've been able to do...to help our new therapeutic area get off the ground.

Principal Research Scientist, Discovery, Top 5 Global Pharmaceutical Company

Like an extension of our lab, we can upload the data and no one can tell if it's from our lab or yours.

Director of Research, Top 3 Global Pharmaceutical Company

I don't know why I have a lab now.

Head of Operations, Early-Stage Neuroscience Biotech


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